Monday, April 6, 2015

Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.....

Tea, cake, tea, cake, scones, cake............faint!

I've had the most amazing Easter and spent my Saturday enjoying Afternoon Tea with my two favourite ladies, my big sisters of course, and it was like Heaven on a plate, in a cup, in my mouth, the list goes on.

Beckworth Emporium is a beautiful little spot tucked away in Northamptonshire full of exciting things and a bloggers dream!  From great food and ingredients to plants and home accessories, Beckworth Emporium has everything to make a girl like me feel a little faint, how cliché...I love it!

I took the opportunity to wear my new favourite coat, in Spring red!  I am a sucker for red and could not resist this little beauty, it's going to be my new go to coat for dressing up any outfit!

Coat: New Look, Blouse: Definitions, Jeans: New Look, Shoes: ShoeBox, Bag: Calvin Klein: Ring: Pandora

Friday, April 3, 2015

I was feeling insecure, you might not love me anymore...

It's not often I find a book I can't put down, like literally cannot put down.  Having studied English Literature at A-Level and never finishing an entire book (come on, although considered a great Tess of the D' thank you!) this for me is a rarity.  It's not that I don't like to read, because I do, I adore it, there's just never a book I get so lost in I forget what day, month and in this instance decade it is.

I'm sure i've mentioned before I am a huge Beatles fanatic, no? I know I have!  As far as I'm concerned the 60's is where it's at and I have definitely been born in the wrong era, so you can imagine my excitement when I unwrapped 'John' by Cynthia Lennon this Christmas.

'John' is taking me on a compelling journey through the life of John Lennon and his first love Cynthia Powell, through the eyes of Cynthia herself.  Love, loss, and a first hand experience of Beatlemania (which FYI I think I have) I'm learning things I never knew about the swinging sixties and how the fab fours life was changed dramatically as they hit the 'topper most of the popper most' (thank you John Lennon) and the effects it had on their personal life.  As biographies go, this is top two, okay top one.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

There's a brand new dance but I don't know its name....

I have recently returned from my fourth season with Nolcha Fashion Week: New York as the Marketing and Events Co-ordiator and Social Media guru (if I do say so myself!).

One of my favourite parts of being involved in Nolcha Fashion Week: New York is getting to see every aspect of the show, from months of preparation, to building the runway, to hair and makeup, to seeing a designers dreams come true as their collections come to life.  It seemed only fair of me to share some of the amazing photographs photographers took throughout the week (whilst they protected me from the crowds to grab my social media snap shots).

Each season I always find myself taking five minutes to look around and take everything in.  It can be a very overwhelming week for a small towner like myself, but I have to admit I love it.  I thrive off of the constant hustle and bustle and go, go, go.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Holmes

Photo Credit: David Yoon

As you can guess this season was incredible, I'm so excited for September, which is going to be my fifth season, a milestone!  Preparation has already began and scouting designers for next season is in process.  One of the best parts of my job is spending hours looking at so many talented designers and then having the opportunity to help them fulfil a dream to have their collections on the runway and checking out what I should buy next.

Megan x

Monday, March 23, 2015

And then while I'm away, I'll write home everyday......

Guess who's back....back again (I am so sorry, I could not resist going Slim Shady on you all there)

Well bloggers, it has been almost two years, how very lazy of me to neglect you all.  I have considered so many times of starting a new blog and played with endless names, which were all great by the way, then I suddenly realised...who needs to start a fresh when I can kick off where I left it at age 19!?

As you know my life took a major turn in 2013, which has got progressively crazier and more amazing day by day.  I am now 21 and a regular New Yorker, well hey I travel there all the time so I may as well be a Sex in the City ite....(what?).  I work full time as the Marketing and Events co-ordinator for Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, the Independent Retailer Conference and several other USA based companies.  I am passionate about my career, adore the travel and am rather partial to a cocktail or two along the way.

My boyfriend of almost 6 years has now become my partner in crime, travelling with me and building websites along the way (which makes me question why my blog looks so rubbish, sort it out Liam).  I decided to kick my blog back off as a sort of online diary to help me keep track and not lose my mind along the way.  I hope you enjoy, and please don't feel obliged to read!

A few pictures of the past year or so....

Here's to the next chapter....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I was blind, Now I can see...

I was lucky enough to fly out to Istanbul and be part of the Fashion is GREAT campaign in association with the British Consul and Harvey Nichols for a week of planning, fashion and events!

Harvey Nichols teamed up with five British based designers;

Danilo Gabrielli
Nico Didonna
Samantha Cole London

For a fab evening runway shows and a full day buyers event inside the British consulate in Isanbul.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep...

I have got to get in to the swing of this, it's been over a month since my last post.  I am such a disappointment. 

New York was incredible.  It's a city like no other, it literally doesn't sleep, now I fully understand the realism behind the lyrics.  I did everything one should do!  I took the Staten Island ferry to get a great view of the island and statue of Liberty, crossed Brooklyn Bridge, twice, visited Ground Zero, which was especially emotional due to the time of year, hit time square and did some serious Macy's browsing, I only bought one pair of shoes...until next time Macy's,bagged myself a beautiful red Fred Perry polo shirt from Century 21, with a price I simply couldn't refuse.  I was also lucky enough to arrive in New York on my 20th birthday to a surprise birthday meal with some of my favorite people!  Best surprise ever!

 A birthday catch up with my favourite designer Danilo Gabrielli.

My beautiful birthday cake, saying 'Happy Birthday Megan'...and chocolate, my fave!

The highlight of the trip for me had to be visiting the Dakota Apartment building and Strawberry fields in Central Park.  As an avid beatle-maniac I was stunned into silence at seeing the Dakota building in real life, I was literally speechless, the emotion that surrounded the area is spectacular. 

The statue of liberty, in case you didn't realise.

Yellow taxi YAY!

A memorial to all those who lost their lives during 9/11.

 Outside the Dakota Building, the exact spot John Lennon was shot and lost his life.

An 'Imagine' mural dedicated to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields, New York.

At the mural dedicated to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Working at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York presented by Rusk hair care opened my eyes to what the future holds for me.  For those of you who don't know, Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading award winning event for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers. 

This season was the largest yet, with five runway shows showcasing 17 designers and a special one off Project Subway show.  The designers showcased their SS14 collections and I was exceptionally lucky to have the best seat in the house for each show to snap lots of fantastic pics!  I was also extra lucky to be able to nip backstage and have a sneak peak of the beautiful collections before they hit the runway, extremely privileged.

Being part of the Nolcha Fashion Week team I was part of the action from start to finish, from make-up and hair trials to sweeping up at the end of the day, I would not have changed a second of it.  

Trialing the 'Curl Freak' look for the evening shows.  What do you think?  Rather early Kelly Osbourne if I say so myself.

I also got the chance to hang out with my favourite designer after his show stunned the Nolcha Fashion Week audience!

Lots of reviews of my favourite designers coming up!

I'm also lucky enough to be hitting Istanbul on Monday for a Harvey Nichols runway show...did I mention I loved my job?